About us

Impressive was launched in 2014 by Hector and Melissa Aragon as a unique extension of their Taraxca Jewellery brand, a locally owned and operated company that has been providing the Greater Vancouver area with dedicated customer service and unique jewellery for over a decade! Beyond the unique jewellery that Taraxca provides, we wanted to extend a level of customization with Impressive that isn't found anywhere else! Jewellery is one of the most personal gifts one can give to a loved one, and we believe that Impressive's customizable keepsake collection really encapsulates this idea. The wearer can place a unique impression of their loved one next to them and treasure it for a lifetime. Using a specialized set of techniques, we replicatea smaller version of the exact impression of your loved one's hands, feet, or fingerprint (or even paws!) and handcraft you a unique piece of jewellery. You are involved in the whole process, from creating the impressions that we will replicate, to choosing the size and shape of the item you want, to choosing the layout of how the prints will look! Your finished Impressive jewellery is truly, uniquely you!

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