Pendant small One impression and birthstone
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Pendant small One impression and birthstone

Forever cherish your loved one by immortalizing their Fingerprint, Hand or Footprint, or even your Pet´s Pawprint into a beautiful, one-of-a-kind silver pendant! Each pendant is hand-crafted with love in our workshop in Vancouver, BC.

After placing your order, you will receive an 'Impression Kit' in the mail, which includes all the supplies and instructions you will need to customize your design and create your prints!

This size SMALL option is approximately 2cm, which fits one single impression very nicely. For multiple impressions, we suggest choosing the size LARGE option instead.

Once you have your impressions, you can email a scanned image of them to us at or send the original by using our pre-paid mailing service which you can access via under the 'How-To' tab! If you already have an image or print you wish to use instead of creating a new one, please email us at and we will confirm that your image is suitable. If you are scanning or photographing your prints to email to us, please send them at the highest resolution.

1. Please note that Fingerprint impressions can not be sent as photo, the original must be mailed back to us.
2. We do not recommend fingerprint impressions for children under the age of 5, as their little hands are still developing and our impressions kit may not capture the details of their fingerprints at such a young age.
3. To acquire the best fingerprint impressions using our Fingerprint Kit, we recommend a small amount of hand lotion be used on the fingers before creating your impression! This will prevent them from 'sticking' to the moulding material.
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